DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Closet Art

DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Closet Artwork It is possibly a bit ridiculous to have closet artwork, but when you like to craft and create things for the home as much as I do, you eventually run out of wall space in public areas.  I am not completely out of wall space yet.  I just really wanted to knock-off this particular piece of artwork that I saw on Pottery Barn’s website.  Once it was finished, it seemed a little weird in any other area of the house I share with two boys.  Plus it makes my closet feel all happy and spruced up!

pottery barn artwork

This is the original photo.  The simple black and white color scheme with the clean classic design caught my eye immediately.  I also like the quote and the overall vintage feel of the pieces.  These are 21 x 25 inches each and a whopping $299!  While I appreciate the fact that they are giclee print with gold wood molding or whatever, I made mine for right around $12.

closet art sketch it out


First I sketched out six dress forms in my favorite silhouettes.  I didn’t have a large enough space to hang them, so I had to downsize the whole project a bit.

closet art helper

For those of you who have asked how the heck I get decorating projects done with a toddler running around, this is how.  Forced participation, my friends.  That’s just water that he is painting with, but he doesn’t know.

closet art watercolor

Next I traced the pencil sketches with a fine tip sharpie.  I did the same thing on a second sheet of paper where I copied the quote first in pencil.  I chose to add one more dress silhouette to my quote because I felt like the composition in my closet, two smaller horizontal pieces hanging one over the other instead of large, vertical and side by side, looked a bit off balance with much more negative space on the quote page.

closet art in floating frames from Target

After the paint and ink dried, I trimmed the edges and framed my little masterpieces in white floating frames that I found on clearance at Target for $5 each.  I loved the gold frames on the originals, but in this space, I wanted a light, airy feel.  I contemplated painting them gold, but the white won out in the long run.

closet art DIY pottery barn inspired closet art

It is a little silly to have artwork in the closet, but it does make it feel more like a real room.  Plus it cheers me up and makes me smile, and that is desperately needed early in the morning!

  • I think this is adorable! I decorated my closet too a few years ago (now I think it looks cheezy and I need to do it again), but I agree it’s fun to have a tiny little space that’s decorated just for you! Thanks for visiting my blog, I love your blog and style!

    • Thank you so much Gabrielle! I will probably get tired of it in a year or two and want to change it up. That’s exactly why I would never invest in the real thing. I am so glad you stopped by!

  • Connie Maras

    That is clever. I’m redoing my closets and I think some art in there would be nice.

    • Thanks Connie! I am really enjoying it so far. You should definitely add something fun to your space!

  • itsoverflowing

    I love it!!! Totally fun….I need some closet art!!! XO, Aimee

    • Thanks Aimee! It is a little girly and cheesy, but fun. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  • I love it! It’s whimsical and fun! Visiting from Do Tell Tuesday!

    • Thanks Michelle! I am so glad you stopped by!

  • I laughed at your opening line- so much fun, my closet could never fit art, but if it could have convinced me it’s a great idea!

    • Ha! I feel like I was always making fun of over the top closets on pinterest, but now that I have a little bit of luxury in mine, I could see myself taking it all the way. I will still draw the line at leopard carpet and anything hot pink.

      • I’m with you on that… but I definitely put a mini chandelier in my last closet.

  • I’m completely out of wall space! It’s so depressing! Unfortunately, I don’t even have wall space in my closet to add anything.

    • I have a hard time committing to a hole in the wall, but I didn’t think twice about doing it in there. I am obsessed with all your gallery walls!

      • I’m obsessed with just about every gallery wall I see on Pinterest. Have you seen those that Emily Henderson does? I LOVE her gallery walls!

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  • I love it! I think your $12 pieces turned out much prettier than the $299 deals! And, to have something so nice in the closet – perfect.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you so much Karen! I don’t mind splurging from time to time on something I really love, but any time I can get the look for less it’s gold!

  • Love this post so much, and agree 100% that artwork should be hung in every single room. Shared on all my social media feeds! xo

    • Thanks so much Michelle! I really appreciate it!

  • This is such a great idea, and your little “helper” is adorable! I am happy you linked up at Pin worthy Wednesday, this has been pinned to the board!

    • Thank you Emily! He loves to “help” especially if it involves making a bit of a mess.

  • Love this! I really need to invest in a printer at home. Pinning it from the Pin Worth Wednesday Link Up 🙂

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Farrah!

  • Emily

    Wow! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us at Your Designs This Time!
    Emily & Erin

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  • Kirsten Horton

    I love this! And don’t feel bad… I totally have “closet artwork”, too! 🙂

    • Oh good! I am glad I’m not the only one. It really makes my day early in the morning!

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