DIY door frame chalkboard

DIY door frame chalkboard

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend!  We spent ours resting, relaxing and spending time with friends and family.  Saturday night my parents were kind enough to babysit while we went to an absolutely delicious dinner and then to see a movie, Planet of the Apes, which I surprisingly really enjoyed.  It has been a while since we have done that since our little guy isn’t old enough for the theater yet, so it was a big treat!  This week we are back to work on the house and hoping to actually complete a room.

Today I am sharing an easy project that we finished last week.  I am so happy with the results of this DIY door frame chalkboard!

chalkboard in a door frame.jpg

If you are new here, we moved into a “new to us” house a couple of months ago.  It was move in ready and all freshly painted, but we are working room by room to make it our own.  My son’s room was formerly a guest room with a double bed and one dresser.  The room is a a great size and should easily hold more furniture.  The layout is problematic though.  There are doors and windows everywhere.  Double doors to the closet, a door to the hallway, a large floor to ceiling window and finally a door to a jack and jill bathroom.  The placement of these doors is making furniture arrangement a nightmare.

He has a crib that we recently converted to a toddler bed because he can now climb out.  He also has a full size daybed that we get so much use from and really didn’t want to eliminate because of the pesky doors.  I change him there instead of a changing table, we have baskets underneath that he can access for toys and books.  We also use it when we have several overnight guests, which is pretty often.  We also still use a rocking chair to read him books and need a bookshelf or dresser for extra storage.

door frame before

The most functional layout meant that the crib would be in front of this door which leads to the jack and jill bathroom that is shared with the guest room.  We don’t even use that bathroom since he is not potty trained, and he prefers to take a bath in the jetted tub in the master bath.  Guests can still access it from the other side.  Covering the door is no problem for now except that it looked really awkward.  I needed to come up with a solution for covering it that was cheap, easy, safe and could be removed easily since when the crib is gone and he is potty trained, we will be using the door again.

door frame chalkboard supplies.jpg

The only supplies needed for this project are a small can of chalkboard paint, a 6″ soft foam roller and a piece of smooth plyboard cut to fit the door frame opening.  I probably only used 1\3 of this 30 oz. can of paint.  It took two coats.  Lowe’s cut the board for free.

door frame before.jpg

See how the door frame has that first little cut in ledge that is only about 1\8″ thick?  That is where I wanted my board to fit because the depth behind it was enough to fit the doorknob without removing it, and the frame looked like a more natural fit for the board.

diy door frame chalkboard.jpg

After two coats of paint and one night of drying time, I slipped the board into the opening.  It fits so well that no nails or tacks are needed.  The board is so thin and lightweight that I am not worried about it falling.  Plus the crib is in front of it and would catch it if it did.  If you are putting one in a frame that doesn’t have a large piece of furniture in front of it, then I would definitely suggest tacking it in just to be on the safe side.

we love you to the moon and back.jpg

Cost :

Chalkboard paint $10

Board $10

Roller $3

Total = $23 (and 2\3 of the paint is leftover for other projects!)

For $23, 20 minutes of painting time, 24 hours of drying time and 2 minutes of installation time, I would count this project as a major success.  One down!  Tons to go!

You can check out my Pinterest nursery board to see the ideas and inspiration I have been collecting for this space.