Newborn Photos

Happy Monday! I find that even now that I stay home with my children, Monday is still the longest, slowest, hardest day of the week. Why is that? It is not that Mondays are necessarily bad, just that it is extremely hard to get going and be productive on that day.

I decided to start this Monday morning early and with a short, fun to-do list. I make a list of things I want to accomplish each day, but last night I made two. The first was a fun one, the second was a not so fun one. I usually try to “do the worst thing first” since that piece of advice given to me by my Aunt Kristi a few years ago seems to fight my procrastinating ways. Today though, I am knocking out the fun tasks early in hopes that the momentum I get by accomplishing those tasks will keep me pushing on this Monday!

Task number one is to order prints of baby #2’s precious newborn photos. While I am at it, I am sharing a few of my favorites with you! My friend Sarah Thomas of Hopscotch Photography took these, and I am so happy with how they turned out!

newborn photos

newborn photos

newborn photos

newborn photos

newborn photos

I treasure the detail shots of little hands, feet and newborn baby hair. Those are things that change so quickly and without this documentation, I am afraid my sleep deprived brain would have lost those images forever. I am also so glad she captured sweet sleepy facial expressions that are only seen in those fleeting first few weeks. These were taken when he was only seven days old, and they are just so precious to us!

*I have added my watermark to these photographs to protect the images, but I want to be clear that I did not take them. They were all taken by Sarah Thomas of Hopscotch Photography. You can find her on Facebook.

Katey is Eighty!

A few weeks ago we celebrated my grandmother’s eightieth birthday! We tossed around the idea of a big blowout party, but she is blessed with so many friends and family that the guest list would have been pages long. Instead we opted to do a casual and intimate summer lunch with just her children and grandchildren. That way she would get quality time with each and every guest and we would all be able to really visit and enjoy the rare occasion of being together. To make it a little more exciting than just a regular lunch gathering, we decided to keep it a surprise!



It worked! Everyone was able to keep the secret, and she was shocked to see that all four of her children plus spouses, nine of her ten grandchildren (my brother couldn’t make it from Colorado for the day) plus spouses and her three great grands had all traveled to Laurel for the celebration.  Keeping the secret that we were all in town was extremely difficult the night before. It almost slipped quite a few times.







The menu was a fresh mix of salad and smoked meats, just perfect for summer.  This strawberry and avocado salad was superb. I will have to recreate it and share the recipe soon! Dessert was the most delicious strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting. Yum!


IMG_5959 (1)

A fourth great grandbaby is on the way, and we couldn’t be more excited to meet him!




The weather was glorious and, as always, downtown Laurel provided a charming setting for spending a very special day with this amazing lady! Happy Birthday Granny Kate!

Currently : September

It makes me oh so happy to type the word SEPTEMBER!  I love this time of year when summer winds down and fall things start to pop up on porches, in stores and online.  August was a great month for us.  We celebrated my birthday, my Granny’s 80th, spent every weekend either traveling or with house guests and even finished up a couple of house projects – finally!

Now that I am getting into a routine with two kiddos,  I am hoping that September will be an even more beautiful and productive month.  I have some reading goals, organizing plans and hope to dive back into a regular blog schedule this month.  Here are a few other things that are currently on my agenda!


Reading : Since I am a stay at home mom but one of those personalities that really craves a routine and schedule, I have been working toward structuring our days\weeks a little more.  One thing we have done for that past four weeks is to go to the library on the same day each week.  My two year old thinks it is great fun, and it gives me a deadline to actually finish my books since I have to return them rather than letting them take up residence on my bedside table for way too long.  A few books I have been loving lately are Secrets of The Baby Whisperer for Toddlers, Future Grace and the $3 Meals cookbook series by Ellen Brown.

Making : Progress in my yard. I mentioned last month that I have developed a growing passion for gardening. I do not have a natural green thumb and have so much to learn, but I am enjoying this new-ish hobby so much lately!


Pinning : Tot school ideas. I stumbled across this blog on Pinterest a while back that was all about “tot school” which is just simple little lessons for toddlers. I was looking to add a little more structure to our day at that point and decided to give it a try. It worked so well for us! My little one loved it, and I liked having a block of time each day devoted to these planned activities. We finished an entire season then took a break for summer, but we are getting back into it this month!

Anticipating : Winter vacations! They are a while away, but the planning stage is half the fun for me. We haven’t been on a getaway in a while, and we have never traveled as a family of four. Ben has some time off in December, so I am currently researching, booking and mapping out a super fun trip!


Loving : Mornings and afternoons outdoors. The months of July and August were simply too hot to spend much time outdoors. A lot of days my only exposure to the sun and sky were walks to and from my car…. sad. The last week or so mornings and evenings have been nice again, and I have been taking full advantage, spending hours reading, exercising and sipping coffee and wine in the fresh air!

What are you up to currently?

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