Baked Banana Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of our favorite breakfast foods. It is a quick way to get a warm, healthy and filling meal on the table early in the morning without messing up too many dishes. I like the old fashioned kind made on the stovetop with walnuts and craisins mixed in. My toddler loves the flavored instant packets, especially the banana variety. This baked version is the perfect mix, and we both love it!

baked oatmeal mashed bananas

 To make this baked banana oatmeal, start by mashing two bananas with a fork.

baked oatmeal rolled oats

Add the mashed bananas to a bowl with two cups of old fashioned rolled oats.

baked oatmeal milk

Then pour in a cup of milk, and kind will do. I used almond milk in this batch. Also add a pinch of salt and a pinch of baking powder. Mix everything together well.

baked oatmeal stir

*These cute helpers aren’t necessary, but I sure love having them in the kitchen!

baked oatmeal toppings

Pour that mixture into a buttered 8×8 pan. Then toss in some craisins and walnuts or really anything you like to add to your regular bowl of oatmeal! Bake it 20-22 minutes at 350 degrees.

baked banana oatmeal

It comes out smelling amazing! Even without any sugar or other sweetener, it almost tastes like dessert. The bananas just give it so much flavor and a really good texture too. It is a nice change from a regular bowl of soupy oatmeal. It reheats well, making the next few mornings even easier and just as yummy!

baked banana oatmeal recipe card

October Recap

I finally got around to uploading and sorting through my October iphone photos this weekend.  I have been having trouble with iphoto on my laptop for months, making it really difficult to move them from my phone to my laptop for storage and editing. While I haven’t figured out the problem, I did start using Amazon prime for photo storage – best thing ever! It is so easy to store, move and share photos.

I loved looking back through these photos and reliving the happy little moments of one of my favorite months…. pumpkins and family time galore!

october activities collage

What would an October be without a pumpkin patch and a hayride? Our local “patch” is sort of a fake I think since the pumpkins are just scattered around a field, but it is still great fun! We enjoyed spending the day outdoors with friends and picking the perfect pumpkin for our porch. We also went to The Scarecrow Festival, a couple of fall themed get togethers complete with chili and s’mores and our church Trunk or Treat. It rained Halloween night, so we stayed home and handed out candy to the few trick or treaters who braved the drizzle.

october wedding collage

At the beginning of the month, we went to a beautiful outdoor wedding! It was a garden setting with the most perfect weather. I always said I would never take a baby to a wedding, but this was out of town and necessary. Thankfully, he was a perfect little gentleman!

october family

We took one trip to Laurel and two to Hattiesburg to visit with family and welcome a new baby into the world! My cousin, Kelsey, had the most precious baby boy, and we cannot wait to watch him grow. Another weekend, we went to Lafayette to visit Ben’s sister, Joanna, who is also expecting a baby this spring!

october kids

Rainy weather put a little bit of a damper on our weekday adventures last month. We spent more time indoors than these boys prefer but got some great use out of our rain gear! Also, the Star Wars craze has taken over our home in full force. I am trying to catch up by watching all the movies for the first time ever. I keep falling asleep.

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Simple Fall Decor

Happy Friday! We are finally experiencing a slight drop in temperature around here that feels at least a little more like fall. It is still really hot in the middle of the day, and I have only been able to wear boots once or twice which just sort of kills the festive fall mood that I look forward to so much each year. Even so, I have had my house decked with pumpkins for about a month now, and I just love looking at them!

fall centerpiece

I decided not to do Halloween decor this year to make things easier. I am still adjusting to the lack of free time that comes with the infant toddler combo, and I knew I would be doing well to get “fall” decor up that would last through all of October and November.

fall centerpiece detail

I put together this simple centerpiece with velvet and sweater pumpkins mixed with clear glass on my kitchen table. I have added in fresh things from my yard each week that are easy to just throw out and change up for a little something different every few days.

fall buffet

The same goes for this buffet table in my breakfast nook. I kept the decor super simple and left plenty of room to add in fall produce, collected pinecones and acorns or baked goods each week. We have enjoyed lots of fresh picked apples this fall!

fall library

Our old formal dining room got a makeover and re-purpose a few months ago. I have not shared this space on the blog yet, but we are now using it as a reading room. It gets much more use this way and has become my favorite spot to relax.

fall studded sign

I pulled out the DIY studded fall sign that I made last fall and added it to this space.

fall table white pumpkin

When we did away with our formal dining space, we added a table that could be used for casual meals, board games, etc. to our living room. It is in the corner by the window and we use it for craft projects, coloring and play dough all the time. This fun fabric pumpkin has been the perfect centerpiece that can easily be moved for those activities.

fall fur pillow

I always change my throw pillows out for new seasons. I stored the bright colored chevron ones from summer and added in some warm soft fur. Belle, our dog, is a huge fan of this comfy spot. I think a fur dog bed might be under the tree this Christmas!

fall vignette

This DIY sign was a fun little project I completed last month. The frame had been in my garage for about a year with weird colors that matched no room of my house. I put a quick coat of paint over the colors that clashed and then added this free printable. It will be a breeze to switch out seasonal prints or photos throughout the year!

fall vignette detail

I switched out my summer vignette of bright blues and greens for some more neutral decor and three little pumpkins. This Ikea tray has been the most versatile piece! I just switch out accessories for a new look in about five minutes all the time.

fall mantle

I kept my mantle really simple this year. I simply add a few baby pumpkins at each end.

fall mantle detail

I used a mixture of real and faux pumpkins and plan to add in a little bulk and some different textures for Thanksgiving, probably some pinecones, wheat and corn.

fall tray display

I got this wicker pumpkin at Pier One years ago, and I still enjoy pulling it out every year!

fall front door wreath

My simple DIY fabric wreath has been the perfect cheerful door hanger for early fall. I am thinking about adding in some burlap to bulk it up a bit for the later part of the fall season. I just want things to feel a little warmer and cozier for Thanksgiving week!