Styling a Console

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This isn’t really a console.  It is a buffet, but we are currently using it like a console in our living room.  This piece belonged to my husband’s grandparents, and we have had it in our home since we got married.  After three moves and several years in storage before we had it, it is pretty beat up.  It needs to be stripped and stained.  Until I have time for that major project, I am just enjoying the character that the scratches lend.  We have used this piece as a buffet in the dining room, a media center in our bedroom and now it is in the living room storing books and games that we use in that room.  I love versatile pieces like this that can be easily moved from room to room and used for many different purposes.


Currently | Volume 2

I am happy to say that it has been a very productive week around here!  Ever since we moved, the massive decorating and organizing to-do list has been pushed to the side for the general business of life.  Between vacations, family events and residency, our time has just been taken up with other things.  Which is great!  It has been a fun filled summer slam packed with memories and sweet time with family.  I have just been itching to get my house in order.  This week has been a little slower than most, so we have had a good amount of time at home to work on that great big list.

Thinking about:  

Kitchen Materials.  We are doing a small kitchen update.  There will be no new cabinets, and we are keeping the existing paint color, flooring and appliances.  We are just updating a bit with new countertops, backsplash, sink and faucet.

I am a huge fan of the trendy all white kitchens and gorgeous white marble countertops, but I am trying to be really wise and stick with something that I know with absolute certainty I will personally love for a long long time.  When I was a little girl, I never dreamed about my wedding.  Nope never really thought about it much until I was engaged.  I dreamed about a husband of course, just not the actual wedding.  I was way more into the whole home and family thing, so I did have big big dreams about a kitchen!  I have always pictured myself with a classic black and white kitchen.  Coincidentally, I had a black and white wedding too.  Maybe subconsciously my dream wedding was inspired by my dream kitchen.  I guess I just really have a thing for black and white.

While my budget definitely does not allow for that dream kitchen, I am super pumped to get some shiny new finishes in my favorite color palette.  I know I want classic black granite countertops, but I am still deciding between these two white backsplash options.

IMG_8133 IMG_8135

What do you think?


DIY art supply jar

diy art supply jar

This is possibly the easiest and maybe also the cheapest DIY project I have ever done!  If you missed my post earlier this week about the DIY door frame chalkboard I made for the nursery, this project is a little accessory for that.  I needed a little container to store the chalk in so I could easily change the artwork.  Since all the storage in that room is open, I definitely wanted the container to blend with the decor of the room.