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Thinking About :  Too many things.  It has been a week for sure.  My mind has been so crowded and cluttered with things to do and plan and prepare.  I have just been feeling off my game.  I spent some time today catching up on rest and also getting organized for the month ahead.  The whole transition from summer to fall and adding new things into our schedule has just had me a bit frazzled.

why are you so tired


DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Closet Art

DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Closet Artwork It is possibly a bit ridiculous to have closet artwork, but when you like to craft and create things for the home as much as I do, you eventually run out of wall space in public areas.  I am not completely out of wall space yet.  I just really wanted to knock-off this particular piece of artwork that I saw on Pottery Barn’s website.  Once it was finished, it seemed a little weird in any other area of the house I share with two boys.  Plus it makes my closet feel all happy and spruced up!


Friday Five : Easy Weeknight Meals

I usually post a recipe at least once a week, but this week there have been no recipes to share because I haven’t really been cooking.  It has been one of those weeks.  The kind where I was busy, crazy and a little bit lazy.  I don’t know exactly what was going on.  I was just a bit off.  I feel like most people can relate, so I decided to share the ridiculously easy meals that made it onto our table this week.

Disclaimer: I may lose all credibility with you foodies and supermoms because some of these things are straight from a box.  I at least plated them with an organic salad mixture and fresh potatoes, so give me a little credit.

This is definitely not a typical weekly meal lineup for us.  I normally cook from scratch, get a bit more creative and provide more variety.

The thing is, I set my standards for taking care of myself and my family really high, and when I don’t meet them, I feel like a huge failure.  I have had a big huge pity party this week because I have not been meeting those standards in the kitchen, the laundry room, the gym, with my bible reading, household budgeting or quality time with my family.

After way too many harsh words to my husband and frustrated moments with my son, I finally gave my attitude and the disappointment in myself over to The Lord.  I was reminded of the suffering of others, the call to serve, even when that might not look as perfect as I want it to, and the fact that we are enough in Christ.  I, and maybe you, will probably go through this same stressed out cycle again next month and next year as I fail to meet my own silly standards.  I hope that when that happens, we will quickly be reminded of the peace that is found in trusting His grace.

Here are the easy weeknight meals brought to you by five blurry iphone pics because yeah, all that stuff I just said…

easy weeknight meal - sausage potato bake