Currently : April

So far April has brought glorious weather and beautiful blooms! I have been living outdoors and loving it.  I have also been focusing on spring cleaning and trying to finish up some projects that I stalled out on this winter. Some of you may remember that we started remodeling our kitchen a LONG time ago, and I think I will finally be ready to share the results this month. We also completed a shared room for our boys and converted our formal dining room to a library/playroom this winter. Those spaces are all finished up and ready to be photographed too, so documenting them is a major goal for this month.

currently april

Making : Progress in the tidying (major purge of every square inch of my space) mission inspired by The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  It is taking me forever to get through my entire house, but this is the best bandwagon I have ever jumped on by far!

Wishlisting : This adorable and perfectly sized backpack. My little ones are young enough to still require more junk than my purse will hold, but old enough that a diaper bag is too cumbersome to chase them around while carrying.

Cleaning : Everything! I have recently developed a bit of a YouTube habit. I did not understand what all the fuss was about for years, but then I discovered that a few of my favorite bloggers had channels and down the rabbithole I went! This Clean My Space channel is my favorite, and it has inspired me to tackle at least one dirty job per day lately.

Posting : I am so bad at social media. I post sporadically, but I scroll daily. (I have the same tendency with blogging. I just get busy living life and forget to document it sometimes, but I so enjoy doing that when the mood strikes!) I have a blog instagram account which shows up here, but I also have a personal one that I actually use a lot more often. Follow me there if you would like to see lots of baby faces and lovely little everyday things! meganmpace

Tasting : Avocados! I have gone a little avocado crazy the past couple of weeks. I have been eating them on everything! My favorite combinations are avocados + eggs and oddly enough avocados + sweet potatoes, super delicious and filling!

I am joining Anne and Jenna’s Currently linkup today!

Backyard Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is on its way!  We have been enjoying some gorgeous weather and lots of green lately!  I just can’t get enough of the fresh blooms popping up all over my yard and around my city.  We have been spending as much time outdoors as possible.  Hunting eggs has been an every day activity for about two weeks.  My toddler is a little obsessed.  I have to hide them in our backyard every day and inside the house most nights.  I hid all the candy on the top shelf of the pantry because it was making him c-razy, but he has almost as much fun searching for the empty eggs.

family Easter egg hunt

My friend, Amanda, hosted a backyard Easter egg hunt last weekend that we all thought was just the best thing ever!  After several days of pouring rain, the sun popped out just in time.  The weather really could not have been more perfect, and we were so happy to get some fresh spring air!

backyard Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt baskets

These guys were very serious about their search and find mission.  They spent quite a while sorting, opening and comparing their loot.  One smart mom put stickers in the eggs.  He is still playing with those a week later.

Easter egg hunt babies

These guys were more interested in eating sticks and leaves.

Easter egg hunt crawling

So much for that nice clean picnic blanket.

Easter egg hunt baby

He was able to wear the Peter Rabbit outfit that my mother in law smocked for his big brother’s first birthday party.  He is a much smaller build, so that doesn’t always work out with seasonal clothes.  I am so happy when it does!

Of course there was also a Pinterest perfect buffet of Easter snacks that I forgot to snap a photo of, but we had the best time kicking off the season with this fun get together!

DIY nontoxic paint for toddlers

This guy wants to do an art project every single day.  I am certainly not complaining since I love all things creative just as much as he does, but I do find myself running short on ideas many days.  You can only do stickers and coloring books so many times in a row before you just need something a little more exciting.  He loves to paint, but it is always such a mess that I only let him do it outside.  That isn’t always feasible with weather, so I googled washable paint that was safe for toddlers and found several homemade recipes.

DIY non toxic paint

I needed to do something right then without going to the store, so I combined a few different recipes to fit the ingredients I had on hand.  This pink paint was the result!  It was quick and easy to mix together and was a breeze to clean up.  He did not eat it (surprisingly!), but it was completely nontoxic just in case.

DIY non toxic paint

I simply mixed oil, flour, water and food coloring.  I did not measure at all.  I only used a splash of oil and added flour to thicken it.  The mixture is mostly water with a few drops of food coloring.  It is that simple and provided a solid hour of fun for him and quiet for me – yay!

DIY non toxic paint

I made celery salad for lunch that day, so I just whacked off the bottom and let him use it as a stamp.  He thought that was super cool.

DIY non toxic paint

The only downside to this paint is that it does not dry well.  It is thick and goopy so really just a fun thing for sensory play but not for permanent works of art.  With all the rainy days we have been having lately, this simple and free DIY has saved my sanity many times!