Le Tote Review

November is wrapping up, and it has been extra crazy around here lately!  Not bad crazy, just very busy with work, parenting, holiday preparations and time with friends and family.  I planned to share my fall capsule collection recap today, but I simply haven’t had time to photograph and\or edit the outfits.  That post will be coming up this weekend, but today I am going to share a little something that goes along with it, my first Le Tote experience!

If you haven’t heard of Le Tote, it is a unique clothing subscription box.  It has been deemed the Netflix of fashion because you pay a monthly fee ($49), receive a set number of items (3 pieces of clothing, 2 accessories), wear them as long as you like, then send them back and wait for your next shipment. Fun, right!?

le tote review

These are the items I received in my first tote.  You get as many totes as you want in a month.  You can send it all back or keep the pieces you love at a discounted price.  Theoretically, the best value is to wear the clothes immediately when you receive each tote then promptly switch them out for new ones.  They offer free two day shipping both ways.  That way you get the maximum number of new pieces to wear each month.  For me though, my first tote was so great, that I kept it the entire month and wore the pieces over and over again.  They were just my style and a perfect fit, so why not enjoy them for an entire month?

When I first read about this service, I will admit I thought it was totally weird.  Why would you rent clothing?  Then I read a little more about it, looked at the styles they offered and thought about how nice it would be to have fresh things to wear with my capsule collection basics each month.  The items would be on trend and wouldn’t take up any permanent space in my closet.  Plus it would cost far less than buying updated pieces each month.  I don’t shop for clothing every single month.  When I do though, I spend more than $49, so it still averages out to a savings.  It actually makes perfect sense for me!  Plus they handle all the dry cleaning.  You just send the clothes back dirty, and they clean and disinfect all the jewelry.

 le tote box

 My first month was free because they were running a promo, which they do from time to time.  They also give you a $10 purchase credit toward anything you decide to keep.  If you keep the whole tote, the next one is free.  You also get credit for referring friends.  If you would like to try it out, I would love for you to use my referral link!

There is a catalog of clothing on the website that you can shop.  You heart things that you like to add them to your virtual closet.  The actual items in your  box each month will be a surprise but based on those items you selected.  Four of the pieces that I received were things I had added to my closet.  The sparkly bracelet was a surprise, and I loved it!  Le Tote features great brands from stores like Shopbop, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Piperlime and Lord & Taylor, and there is a good range of styles and price points.  Plus they add new styles each month.

le tote blazer

le tote dress

I never got a photo in the purple top even though I actually wore it the most, and I only have this awkward selfie of the cute black and white arrow blazer.  I did wear the dress for our Christmas card photos, and both pieces of jewelry were super versatile and paired well with the clothing.  I am not sure if they put the totes together with a plan in mind or if it is random since this was my first one.  Mine was a perfect mix of dressy, casual, basic and fun, and it was all really comfortable!

That’s a lot of information!  I think I covered most of the details.  I had an excellent first experience with Le Tote, and I am eagerly awaiting my next tote!  It is so much fun to get a surprise package full of lovely things to wear in the mail, especially when it isn’t breaking the budget!

What do you think?  Have you tried Le Tote or any other clothing subscription service?

Spinach and Artichoke Soup

I am all about the food this time of year!  Gathering together with friends and family is always fun, but when you add a table full of festive dishes to share and talk over, it just doesn’t get much better than that! I have a special place in my heart for the appetizer table at these holiday get togethers.  I am a salty snacker all the way, and I cannot get enough of the delicious hot dips.  This spinach and artichoke soup was inspired by my favorite holiday dip!

spinach and artichoke soup


Cozy Candles

I absolutely love the cold weather that comes along every November!  It feels fresh and clean and instantly puts me in the holiday mood!  Christmas, Thanksgiving and all the days leading up to them are filled with excitement for traditions and time with family and friends.  It is also a beautiful time to slow down and reflect on all we have been given and what we can give to others.

cozy candles for november

I always try to create a calm and cozy atmosphere in my home this time of year.  We seem to spend a good bit more time at home with the cold weather.  I look forward to those quiet nights curled up in front of the fire with a good book and a cup of hot tea all year long!  One of the easiest ways to create this ideal atmosphere is with cozy candles in seasonal scents.

cozy candles - green apple orchard

I light candles all year long and change them out almost monthly.  I usually try to stick with two scents that go well together.  In October, I was all about Leaves from Bath and Body Works.  Now I have switched over to their Green Apple Orchard scent.  I put it on a tray in the middle of my kitchen peninsula with some moss twine balls and a few things gathered from my yard.  It has a fresh outdoorsy scent that I just love!

cozy candles - toasted hazelnuts

My other favorite cozy candle for November is this Toasted Hazelnut one from DW Home.  My sister in law picked this one up at Home Goods, and I cannot find this same adorable packaging anywhere.  They do have them in different jars at Hobby Lobby though.

cozy candles for the coffee bar

I am not always a fan of food scents other than fruit, but this hazelnut smells rich and delicious without being too sweet.  I added it to our coffee bar this month, and I simply cannot get enough of this warm aroma!

What are your favorite fall scents?