DIY Clothespin Photo Board

clothespin photo board

Hi!  I hope you guys are having a great week!  I am gearing up for a weekend trip that I could not be more excited about!  The downside of that is that I have so many chores to complete to get everything ready to go.  One of the main things that I need to check off my list is the dreaded laundry pile.

I have been working to spruce up my little tiny laundry room lately.  It is just such a drab little space, and I actually spend a fair amount of time in there.  I decided I might dread laundry duty a little less if I had a cheerful space to work.  You can check out my inspiration here.

I kind of got stars in my eyes searching Pinterest and Pottery Barn and looking at the over the top fabulous laundry rooms.  After a couple of days of that, I had to bring my head down from the clouds and face the reality of my budget.  Ha! Who has $15,000 to spend on a laundry room?  Certainly not The Paces.  My budget was closer to $15.  No, seriously.  We are decorating our entire new house right now, so the laundry room falls dead last on the financial priority list.  I found all the materials for this DIY clothespin photo board in my garage.  Woo woo!


Stretching My Summer Wardrobe

fringe necklace

As I mentioned last month, I have been working on cleaning out my closet and transitioning my wardrobe to a capsule collection.  I have been extremely overwhelmed by the amount of clothing that I have for a while now.  Even with all of those pieces, I still find myself standing there thinking I have nothing to wear far too often.

I started the process weeks ago.  For me, this has been and will be a long slow process.  I have decided I can’t just walk in my closet, throw everything away except the basics and call it a day.  I have done the initial sweep through to get rid of anything super old, ill fitting or low quality.  That has been a huge help!


12 Reasons I Love Fall

I am well aware that it is still a little over a month until the official first day of fall.  I also know that some people get extremely annoyed with all the rush into the next season before one is actually over.  I completely understand that and even lean toward that opinion myself with one exception – FALL!  It is my absolute favorite season for so many reasons, and I can’t help but get excited several weeks before it is actually upon us!

Since thoughts of changing leaves, cooler temperatures and pumpkin lattes have been clouding my brain the past few days, I thought I would make a list of the top 12 reasons I love fall!

fall pumpkin shopping