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Sending : Clothes to ThredUp!  I have never used this service before, but it has been so easy!  I got Marie Kondo’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, for Christmas and jumped on the bandwagon around chapter three.  If you aren’t familiar with this movement in decluttering and home organization, look it up – right now!  I have completed my closet, and I am simply amazed at how much I moved out of there even though I “clean out” my closet fairly regularly.  Her method forced me to let go of more than ever before, and I am happier for it!

Eating : My littlest man has a dairy sensitivity.  We suspected it months ago, but his symptoms would come and go, so we just weren’t quite sure.  It has been confirmed at this point, so I have had to cut all dairy from my diet.  I am gluten sensitive, so for the next few months I am eating dairy free and gluten free.  It has not been that bad, and I feel great!  I do miss yogurt and cheese, but experimenting with substitutions and tweaking recipes has actually been fun!

Dreaming : I am dreaming of a trip, but when am I not?  My brother is getting married in Charleston in May.  Ben will be off for the entire week, so we are planning a family vacation around the wedding trip.  There are so many fun destinations within a few hours of Charleston, so we are still deciding exactly what we want to see and do.

Smelling : My sweet sister in law got me a big box of LUSH bath bombs for Christmas – best gift ever!  I am now addicted, mainly because they smell divine and the fragrance fills up my entire bedroom and bathroom.

Hearting : Since I have been cutting dairy, the first thing to go was the generous splash of half and half in my morning coffee.  That was a fairly recent habit, so I was surprised how hard it was to kick.  I had really grown attached to that creamy deliciousness, and black coffee was a rude awakening.  Luckily I discovered So Delicious coconut milk creamer.  I love it so much, I don’t think I will ever go back!

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5 More Pinterest Recipes I Make Over and Over Again

A while back I posted five fantastic recipes that I had discovered on Pinterest.  I get most of my cooking inspiration there these days since I don’t have much time to leisurely flip through recipe books at Barnes and Noble like I did pre-kiddos.  It is such a useful tool for planning since I can easily pull it up on my phone or kindle and scroll through for meal ideas while waiting in car lines or at appointments.

I have way too many recipes pinned that I have not gotten around to trying, but of the ones I have tried there are some clear winners.  These five are healthy, easy and budget friendly.  That’s why I make them over and over again!

5 more pinterest recipes i make over and over again

1. Crock Pot White Chicken Chili – It had me at crock pot!  I use my slow cooker at least three times a week.  This simple recipe from Diethood packs a lot of flavor and I love that you don’t have to cook any part of it in another dish.  Just toss it all in and set the timer!

2.  Fresh Corn, Tomato and Mozzarella Salad – I have mentioned before that I eat make ahead soup or salad for lunch most days.  I am always looking for salads without lettuce just because that gets so boring.  This recipe from The Slow Roasted Italian is perfect for making ahead in a big batch!  I am a cheater and use frozen corn making it even easier to whip up.

3.  Baked Salmon with lemon caper butter – My husband is almost as picky as my toddler.  Cooking for those two kind of drives me crazy since they want chicken or spaghetti every single night.  Thankfully, they both love salmon allowing me to mix it up a bit a couple of times a month.  This baked method from Life’s Ambrosia is so simple, and the buttery sauce is to die for!

4.  Roasted Butternut Squash Soup – I haven’t made this one from Cook Eat Paleo in a while.  It is a great way to load up on veggies and tastes really decadent for such a healthy soup.  Now that the tiniest member of our family is moving into the world of solid foods, I think this old favorite will be showing up a lot more often in the recipe rotation.

*Side note that is probably completely irrelevant for 90% of you, but I recently learned an interesting fact.  Apparently sage is a powerful herb for drying up a weaning mom’s milk supply.  It sounds like it would be harmless for nursing moms to eat it every now and then, but as little as 1\3 of a teaspoon twice a day can cause a temporary dip in supply.  If you struggle with low supply, like I do, then you might want to leave the sage out of this recipe.

5.  Meatballs with Peppers and Pineapple – This is a Pioneer Woman recipe so … enough said!  I love the sweet salty combo and the fact that the meatballs, peppers and pineapples can be frozen ahead of time for a quick weeknight meal with little to no prep or planning.

5 Pinterest Recipes I Make Over and Over Again

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Christmas Morning

I finally got a minute to sit down and edit some Christmas photos this morning.  I thought life would be a little slower once the holiday season ended, but so far January has been slam packed.  I hope to share more of what we have been up to soon!

Since we spend the night with Ben’s parents on Christmas Eve and therefore Christmas morning at their house, we do Santa and presents from us at our own house the morning of Christmas Eve.

chrismas tree

This is the first year that C really understood what was going on, and the excitement leading up to the morning was incredible!  He asked a million questions and was happy to go to sleep the night before which is so not a normal thing for him.

He kept telling us that he knew for sure when we woke up there would be snow.  Since we live in south Mississippi, we knew that had about a .1% chance of happening and were a bit nervous for his reaction.  He definitely checked the window when he woke up but shrugged the lack of snow off quickly and ran to the tree, thank goodness!

christmas morning stockings

We decided to wrap everything except stockings this year.  That is always a debate. I like wrapping and having the gifts under the tree all season, but Ben likes to see everything all at once and just be overwhelmed with excitement.  I guess this will be something we alternate year to year until the kids tell us what they prefer.

christmas morning

This sweet little man turned six months old a couple of weeks before Christmas!  He enjoyed every second of his very first Christmas morning!

first christmas morning

We only gave him one or two small gifts since he doesn’t really know the difference.  Of course, he had the most fun with the boxes and paper though.

christmas morning gifts

christmas morning star wars

It was a big year for Star Wars around here.  Ben is beyond thrilled that his son has developed a love almost as strong as his for all things Luke and Vader.  Now that I have a child who loves it, I have finally watched the movies, learned the characters and actually kind of like it.  So yeah, basically all Ben’s Christmas dreams came true.