Friday Five : Workout Wear

So far my fall capsule wardrobe is working out incredibly well!  It has saved me so much time getting dressed in the mornings, doing laundry and shopping.  I am also learning what fits and styles I feel most comfortable in and work the best for my lifestyle.

I excluded workout clothes from my limited wardrobe because I just don’t give them much thought at all.  I throw on old leggings or nike shorts and big tshirts, and I am out the door.

The thing about that is that I am spending more and more time in those clothes since becoming a stay at home mom.  Yeah, I said I would never be one of those women who wears sweats just because she doesn’t go into the office, and I absolutely still get dressed if I go out, even to the grocery store.

When I am home though, I am usually sitting on the floor playing with blocks, building tents or playing outside with bugs and mud.  It just doesn’t make sense for me to be doing those things in jeans and button ups.

My nike shorts have been my best friend all summer, but the temperature is dropping and I don’t have “outfits” with my leggings.  It is time to invest in some cute but comfortable clothes that I can wear to the gym and around the house.

Friday Five : Workout Wear

I am on a tight budget, so as amazing as the clothes at LuLu Lemon and Athleta are, they aren’t making it into my shopping cart right now.  (Maybe for Christmas? Hi, Mom!)  These five favorite pieces of workout wear are all from Old Navy and Forever 21.

Compression Jacket | Mesh Tank | Colorblocked Top | Pants | Seamless Leggings

Do you wear workout clothes when you aren’t really working out?  Are there any other brands with cute and inexpensive activewear?

Happy Friday!


Italian Pasta Salad

Italian pasta salad :

If you have been hanging around here any time at all, you know that I like the easy recipes.  If you are new, let me give you a quick introduction to my philosophy on food.

I loooove it, and I believe that truly good food should be enjoyed every single day.  I live this little life of mine on a tight budget, so my recipes are usually quick, easy and economical with simple and clean ingredients.  We are talking food food here, not dessert.  Where dessert is concerned, I am all about a brownie mix.  Ain’t no shame in my game.

Of all the fast, easy and fresh dishes that I make regularly, this is the one I have been making the longest.  My mom showed me how to prepare this Italian pasta salad when I was really young.  Other than boiling the noodles and chopping the veggies, it just involves stirring.

Italian Pasta Salad

The ingredients are basic, inexpensive and all things that I usually have on hand.  I made this all the time the first year I was married because A. we were really poor and B. my cooking skills were sad and struggling.  I make it all the time now because A. I am still a tightwad and B. no matter how much my cooking skills develop, sometimes those simple dishes really are the best.

I make this with bowtie, rotini or penne pasta from time to time, but my favorite way is to use vermicelli broken into small pieces.  I buy it already broken up on the ethnic foods aisle at my local grocery store, but of course you can get the regular kind on the pasta aisle and break it up before cooking.

It makes a great side dish next to fish or chicken.  You can add shredded chicken or grated parmesan if you want a little added protein.  I had it for lunch yesterday with a few slices of mozzarella.

italian  pasta salad recipe

Do you have quick, simple recipe that you make all the time?

Anthropologie Warehouse Store – Final Cut

When I first heard the crazy sounding rumor that Anthropologie has been hoarding all their leftover merchandise from years past in a big huge warehouse that they are finally emptying out at rock bottom prices, I was skeptical.  I did a bit of research and could hardly find any info on the clearance store called Final Cut.  They do have a facebook page and I found one great blog post, but I had to go see this possible gold mine of steals and deals for myself.

My cousins and I loaded up and hit the road to check it out.  It was such a strange place, but there were deals to be had for certain!  If you are a fan of the brand, it is absolutely worth checking out.

Here is the scoop :

Anthropologie's Final Cut

The store is located in a strip mall in Augusta, GA.  It looks like a Goodwill or Salvation Army both inside and out.  There is no noticeable Anthro signage anywhere outside the building.  There is just this big cheap plastic banner that says Final Cut, a play on the “fresh cut” sale tags that they use in the real store.