DIY Ombre Toy Organization

DIY ombre labels

I am sharing a bit about being a boy mom over at Chasin’ Mason today!  It is a wild and crazy adventure that is actually pretty amazing, even when he is scattering toys from one end of the house to the other.  Be sure to pop over there and check out my post and the others in the Boy Mom Series!


I mentioned a while back that our toy situation was getting a little out of control.  It really amazes me how quickly this can happen when I don’t feel like I am buying things often.  The thing about toys is that one item breaks into 50 pieces and rarely goes back together for storage.  Things like Mr. Potato head come into the house in one neat little box, but within minutes of opening it there are ears, lips and tiny glasses all over the place.  The older my son gets, the smaller his toys become.

I have been storing all the smaller things in one large bin that gets dumped each morning.  It took forever to pick them up each night plus it was just a big mess.  I decided to break them down into smaller containers that I could store in the closet and only pull out one a time.  The easiest way to group them seemed to be by color, and I thought that might help him learn his colors too.

DIY ombre toy storage

We started by lining up four small plastic shoe boxes and dumping all the toys.  I quickly realized that the colors varied and there would not be enough of each true color to fill the bins.  That is where the ombre idea came into play.  It made sense to put all of the yellow to dark orange things in one bin.  The same thing worked with pale blue to dark violet and so on.


DIY Abstract Dot Pots

DIY abstract dot pots

This is my first time to decorate my front porch for Halloween.  I usually just decorate for fall in general and leave the same decor up through Thanksgiving.  Since we recently moved to a new neighborhood where everyone goes all out for Halloween, I decided to join in with a simple but festive theme.

I am definitely not into scary or over the top.  I just wanted something fun and understated that I could add in for October then remove without having to redo the whole porch for November.  My original plan was to paint three pots with chalkboard paint and write the word BOO across them, one letter on each pot.  I painted the pots, but it was just way too boring.

paint abstract dots with a champagne cork

After painting the entire pot with chalkboard paint and letting it dry for a few hours, I took a champagne cork, dipped it in white paint and dotted the pots.  Once the dots dried, I filled them with pansies and added them to my fall porch.

abstract dot pots paired with pumpkins

I love that they are just black and white and not too specifically Halloween themed.  They will be easy to use in other ways throughout the year.  Plus the background is chalkboard which means I can even tweak the design a little more for other uses.

DIY Halloween pots for the front porch

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DIY 5-minute Terrarium

DIY 5 minute terrarium

I have a black thumb.  I hate to admit it because I love plants, fresh flowers, growing my own herbs and digging around in the dirt.  I read about and study gardening often, and I refuse to give up trying.  Despite my efforts, I am still a plant killer.  I can grow succulents, zinnias and some herbs, but that’s the short list of plants that have survived (some even thrived) in my care.

Having fresh flowers and plants in my home is one of my greatest joys.  I usually just cut zinnias or wildflowers or buy a fresh bunch at the grocery store to arrange in a vase.  The few times I have to tried to grow an actual house plant have been disastrous.  My aunt, who is a master gardener, has convinced me that even I will be able to keep this five minute terrarium alive since it requires no attention other than a quick misting of water every now and then.  Crossing my fingers that she is right!

To make a DIY 5-minute terrarium of your own you will need:

- a glass container

- some small rocks

- a plant [ We used Baby Tears - Pilea.  This plant is ideal for this project though there are several similar ones that will work for terrariums.  Just do your research if you are choosing something a little different. ]

DIY one plant terrarium

Simply layer the rocks in the bottom of the container.  You don’t need too many just make sure you have enough to see a nice layer from the outside of the bowl.  Next you will need to loosen the plant from the plastic package.  Be gentle with the roots, and use all the dirt.  Layer it all on top of the rocks.  This particular plant has loosely bound roots, so that makes it easy to flatten them out without damaging the plant.  That’s it!  It looks so pretty, simple and clean!  It requires almost no water and is a shade plant, so it thrives indoors.

DIY terrarium

Random side note : I made a rainforest terrarium for my 3rd grade science project and won on the state level.  Woohoo! That is my small claim to fame in the world of science.  It obviously made a big impact on my life.

Have you had any luck with indoor plants or terrariums?

This post is part of a 31 day series on simple DIY.  Click here for more easy projects.

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