DIY Marker Board Makeover

washi tape

I thought my days of having a cheapo marker board hanging on my wall were over when I moved out of my college dorm room, but then I married a professional student.  Not only do I have to live with this ugly thing, but it is in my bedroom.  Our house has three bedrooms which is adequate for a family of our size.  It just means that we can’t dedicate an entire one to an office space.  Since I didn’t want the office clutter in a public area, it ended up in our bedroom.

This little office within a bedroom project has been dragging out for quite some time.  It has been quite a challenge to make a neat, clean, inspiring work space on one wall in a bedroom that I am trying to make a peaceful retreat.  I like a decorating challenge, so I am determined to make it happen.  It might just take another three months – sigh.


DIY Restaurant Style Bok Choy

bok choy

I am not sure if a recipe is technically a DIY, but this series is all about making things myself that I would typically buy or pay someone else to make.  There are so many restaurant dishes that fall into this category for me.  I love to cook and try new things.  Still I have noticed since cutting our restaurant budget way back that there are so many foods we never eat anymore.  I rarely make any Asian dishes at home, even though I love to eat at Chinese, Japanese and Thai restaurants.  I think I am intimidated by the ingredients because they are not things I buy every week.

This week bok choy, also known as Chinese cabbage, was on sale, so I decided to give it a try.  I love greens of all kinds, especially when they are steamed.  They are so rich and flavorful plus they have tons vitamins and nutrients.  Bok choy can be found on almost any superfoods list, and I am always looking for ways to add more healthy variety to our meals.


Happy Handmade Home : Book Review

Happy Handmade Home Review

If you are not familiar with the incredibly inspiring lifestyle blog, A Beautiful Mess, you are missing out!  It is one of the first blogs I ever read, and I still find so much inspiration from the lovely sisters behind the recipes, crafts and decorating projects.  Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman recently released a book, and I was so excited to sit down with a hot cup of amaretto tea and flip through the colorful pages of Happy Handmade Home!

The blog’s design is fresh, clean and cheerful, and the book follows a similar aesthetic.  I was immediately drawn in by the photography.  The layout is very organized, and there are plenty of photos and detailed shots of the crafts and home decor.  The only negative on the design front is the fact that some of the thumbnails on the the pages that show multiple ways to update one item are crammed down in the seam of the book and very hard to see.