Five [Fabulous] Home Decor Trends

Happy Friday!  Weekends this month have been all about house projects around here, and we are gearing up to tackle some again today!  Last week organizing was on my brain.  Since I have knocked out most of that, I am ready to move on to the pretty stuff.

This month we have tackled several painting projects that I cannot wait to share with you! Our foyer and dining room have gotten complete makeovers that are just waiting for a few finishing touches.  While I was searching for inspiration for those spaces, I noticed quite a few home decor trends.  Some are just emerging, others have been around for a while but are gaining momentum.  These are my favorite five and ones that I am working toward implementing in my own home this year.

home decor trends 2015

1.  Sectional Sofas – These have been making a big comeback for a while now and for good reason!  They are so comfy!  Ben has been begging for one for years since we would all have plenty of room to spread out.  This dreamy one is gorgeous and practical!

2.  Deep Blue – This elegant hue is showing up on walls, upholstery and furniture.  I personally love it on a statement piece of furniture against neutral walls.  That is how I implemented it in my home this month by painting an old piece of white furniture and adding it to my newly grey foyer.

3.  Black Trim – I saw this trend floating around Pinterest here and there last year, and I immediately fell in love with the bold look.  I am a little afraid to go for it all over, but I am planning to paint the patio door black for a touch of drama.

4.  Home Libraries – Ahhh!  This one is my favorite.  I have always wanted a dedicated reading space that was more than a corner chair, and I finally have one!  We recently turned our formal dining room into a library space.  It isn’t nearly as fabulous as this one, but we are loving our cozy new room!

5.  Statement Lighting – This isn’t exactly a new trend, but it is going strong in 2015.  One of the finishing touches to our foyer will be a new light fixture.  I am still shopping, but I really like this style and color with a bit of understated bling.

Will you be adding any of these trends to your home this year?

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Winter Beach Day

A couple of years ago, my grandmother decided that instead of having a traditional Christmas gathering at her house with lots of gifts, we would simplify the whole thing.  We did away with gifts and instead we all meet at the beach on Christmas day for a few days of relaxing together.  Not only is it quality family time and excellent memory making, but it is an absolutely gorgeous time of year to be by the sea!

winter beach day 1

Our beach destination of choice is Perdido Key, Florida.  We have been going there every year in the summer for as long as I can remember.  In the winter, the sand is as white as ever, and there are no crowds at all.

winter beach day 5

The temperature was close to 70 degrees, but the wind was whipping.  We still bundled up a bit for that reason, but we were comfortable with bare feet in the sand.

winter beach day 6

winter beach day 7

winter beach day 3

The water was freezing to me, but a few of my cousins jumped in for a December swim!

winter beach day 9

This little man had the best time collecting shells and digging holes.  I am so relieved that he loved the sand.  He had been to the beach before, just not since he was old enough to really be let loose to explore.  We travelled to St. Augustine, Florida in June when he was a year old, and he did okay but was a little funny about the weird substance under his feet.  He preferred the water and hard packed wet sand then.

winter beach day 8

winter beach day 10

I love the beach any month, but this is my favorite time to take in the sights, sounds and smells of that glorious atmosphere.  The feeling of standing in near solitude on miles of white sand staring at the vastness of the ocean simply can’t be beat!

On Being a Boy Mom

I wrote this post as part of the Boy Mom Series hosted Elizabeth at Chasin’ Mason.  I loved following along with this series and hearing different stories and insights from other moms of rowdy little men.


I grew up with two younger brothers, and I was basically scarred from that experience.  They were wild, loud and always dirty.  I remember them ruining outfits, staining the sofa and constantly scuffing up the wall coming down the stairs.  They caused my mom all sorts of headaches and extra chores, and I was determined to only have girls when I started my own family.